Corvus Vineyards

Karga White

Bottles from Corvus Vineyards are among the finest offerings. Produced especially for young palet, the Karga (=Crow) serie may accompany different meals with great delight. With the symbol of Apollo's crow, transforming to black from white, Beyaz Karga joins gentle aromas of the island’s specific grapes Cavus and Vasilaki. Grapes: Cavus and Vasilaki Price: 15,75 euro

Karga Red

Corvus’ main goal was to remind the originality of native grapes of the island that you can’t find else where in the world. With the Red Crow (Kirmizi Karga) they have been succesful in reflecting the original island characteristics. In this wine you find the perfect synergy of the Kuntra, Karalahna and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Grapes: Kuntra, Karalahna, Cabernet Sauvignon Price: 15,75 euro


Made of Vasilaki-grapes, this wine carries the traditions and the undeniable terroir specifications of the island Zeleia, very much defined by ancient Aegean Islands and engravings. This wine is fine, elegant with floral hints such as acacia, whitethorne, wild flowers and fresh fruits like apple, banana and scent of white-flesh fruit such as peach. well-balanced and graceful. smoothness meets a very pleasant aromatic acidity. Grape: Vasilaki Price: 18,75 euro


The Turkish grape cavus (so named after the army "sergeant" who brought it from Mecca to the sultan) is rare among grapevines because it has female-only flowers and needs a pollinator (most wine grape vines are hermaphroditic). Cavus is primarily a table grape in Turkey, but in this bottle you find perfectly balanced wine. Served for high officials visiting Turkey. Queen Elizabeth loved it. And Obama. Grape: Cavus. Price: 18,75 euro


A deep ruby red dry red wine with fairly prominent cherry and pepper. Not too sharp though. Price: 19,50 euro


Karga White, Karga Red, Zeleia and more.

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