House of Red & White

House of Red & White aspires to be the leading global platform for “less-traveled’ wines and wines made by exceptional winemakers. Through our unique imports, the wine expo and our documentary Blazing the Trail about pioneering winemakers, we want to bridge the gender gap in the wine business. The expo and the documentary are part of a global women’s wine network, to build a community of women entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge and build their confidence regarding business in wine. House of Red & White is happy to have partnered up with the Wonder Women in Wine conference in Austin, Texas on March 2-3, 2019.

Just three months later, on 23 & 24 May 2019, we host the inaugural Women in Wine Expo covering two European countries: The Netherlands and Belgium. With the first European Women in Wine Expo at the World Trade Center Rotterdam (the logistics hub for all the wine shipments from the rest of the world) and a Grand Tasting in Brussels (Belgium is one of the leading wine consuming countries) we want to  shine the spotlight on the elegance and diversity of winemakers from all over the world. Please press on the button below for more information. 

Women in Wine Expo