Note from the Founder

In the past five years, I have had the honor of meeting with some of the biggest names in the wine industry as well as tasting the most interesting grapes of the world. I wanted others to taste them and decided to import some fine wines from the forgotten wine regions in the world. I jumped in with both feet in the wine industry and now I can say the five years have become the best of my life.

Visiting twelve women wineries in Georgia, the wine tasting at Verkade Film Festival featuring one of my leading wine labels, and moderating the world class Wonder Women of Wine conference in my beloved Austin, Texas (where all of my wine adventure started) are just three of the highlights. And I am sure the experience as associate judge at Vinitaly 2019 will add so much more meaning to it.

So, I became an importer and as a journalist I am eager to tell the stories of inspiring winemakers. With Nephilim Producciones, our coproducer in Madrid, we are now working on the first documentary about pioneering women in wine. But that's not enough to tell the stories of some smart, efficient and scrappy women who are adding new flavors to the wine world. With my team (Alexandra, Mirjam, Miranda, Stijn, Tuba and Nadien) we are working hard to organize the inaugural Women in Wine Expo in Rotterdam and Brussels. And my wish is to see you all there on May 23rd!  


Senay Ozdemir