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Women in Wine Expo | 23 May 2019 WTC Rotterdam | 24 May 2019 Kwint Brussels

Amazing things happen when women team up – especially when you add fine wine to the mix. If you support the work of women and community leaders in the wine industry who strive for leadership and greater economic impact for all, you’re in the right place. It’s time to hear more voices with unique perspectives. To meet the trailblazing women becoming the newest industry legends, and to shed light on unsung heroines.

Let's bridge the gender gap in the wine business together. 

WiW Program

Be part of the first Women in Wine Expo in Europe on 23 & 24 May 2019 in Rotterdam and Brussels. We will shine a spotlight on the elegance and diversity of winemakers from all over the world. The Women in Wine Expo is created to inspire and empower women in wine. We will bring like-minded women together to enjoy sisterhood, networking, education, business and trade. 

From winery expansion planning to entering new export markets, we can do more together. Our expo brings industry peers together to share ideas and inspiration. We will host wine professionals from all over the world, including more than 30 women winemakers from countries such as Georgia, Moldova, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, USA, and Belgium, welcomed with bubbles from The Netherlands.

 If you are a professional working in wine (winemaker, sommelier, importer, distributor, marketeer) and you are interested in attending the Expo, please contact Alexandra Karahaliou at alexandra@houseofredandwhite.com. She will send you additional info about the costs (€585 per participant) and detailed program. We hope to see you on the 23rd of May to celebrate great women’s talents with some excellent wines!

I am interested, send me more info

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