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Senay Ozdemir

Entrepreneurial journalist Senay Özdemir has a vast breadth of experience spanning different facets of the wine industry. After writing for multiple Dutch and international publications, she founded the women’s magazine SEN before moving to Austin to teach at University of Texas School of Journalism. When she couldn’t source wines from her native country of Turkey, she began importing wine, and then went on to found the wine marketing agency called House of Red & White to promote winemaker’s untold stories. She is also a TEDx speaker, the executive producer of the first documentary about women leadership in the wine industry and is currently organizing the first women in wine conference in Europe.

Wines from Sancerre have become her favorite white to drink all through out the year and uncorking a bottle of her own imported bottle of Urla Nexus gives her excitement when she’s craving a good red wine.

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Mirjam van Tiel

Mirjam could not resist, when Senay asked to join her in organizing events and campaigns to promote women in the wine industry. Mirjam has been an active advocate for female entrepreneurs for some time now and she very much enjoys a good glass of wine. So Mirjam is now part of the effort to get Women in Wine Events off the ground, in order to give female winemakers - and other women in the wine business - the attention they deserve.

Her favorite wines? Well, that depends on the context. Sometimes it is a nice Chardonnay (from the Bourgogne or from Chile) and on other occasions a good Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand can make her happy. Sometimes a fine red pinot noir can complete the moment, but a cabernet sauvignon, a tempranillo or a primitive can as well. 

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Alexandra Karahaliou

After finalizing Gymnasium in Budapest, Alexandra is now a third year International Business and Languages student at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. She combines her study with her work for House of Red & White as the event manager for the inaugural Women in Wine Expo. Coming from one of the only two European countries that has its own word for 'wine' (bor) that is not derived from Latin - she loves contributing to advancing women’s work in the wine industry.

Her favorite wines? Definitely the Béla and Bandi-chardonnay wines. 

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Nadien de Visser

Nadien’s passion for wine started in Aix-en-Provence about ten years ago. She went to study abroad in this charming Provençal town not knowing that trip was going to change her life. It was the first sip of Provence rosé that really struck her the most and she has been on a roll ever since… Her blog, Le Club des Vins started just as a fun blog, more of a side project, but is now her full-time job (yes, she is living the dream!). Of course, Le Club des Vins, is all about wine, wine and wine. From tasting notes to wine pairing and travel tips. Last year, she started the WSET Diploma Course and shares her study adventures in becoming a Weinakademiker on the blog as well. Next to Le Club des Vins, she’s a freelance writer and online marketing consultant. Her customers are (online) wine merchants and wine importers. And last but not least, Nadien teaches several WSET courses. 

Her favorite wines? That’s an impossible question. Maybe it’s the 2010 Brunello di Montalcino she drank last Christmas. When it’s (almost) summer, she can’t wait to open a well-made Silvaner from Franken. Savennières, always a big hit. Or Meursault? Red Burgundy, the dream. Bordeaux, yes please! 

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Miranda McCage

Miranda is currently an MBA candidate at the Burgundy School of Wine & Spirits Business in Dijon, France. She relocated from Austin, Texas to Burgundy for her studies in 2018, and reached out to Senay after hearing that she would be moderating the first Wonder Women in Wine conference in Austin. Miranda firmly believes in empowered women supporting each other, and was thrilled to be asked to join the team as a volunteer for the first Women of Wine Expo in Europe.

Miranda took the leap to transition her career to wine after a decade leading brand development, marketing and customer experience design with some of the world's largest brands. Before transitioning, Miranda started educational wine tasting events for women as a side project that quickly turned into a side hustle. The wonderful women she met inspired and encouraged her to pursue a career in wine full-time. 

Miranda can't choose a favorite wine any more than she can choose a favorite food. There are just too many wonderful things to taste! She believes that the world of wine is meant to be continually explored at all ends of the spectrum, and plans to forever expand her mind, heart and palate through wine. 

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Tûba de Wilde

Originally from Izmir on the Aegean coast of Turkey, Tûba studied in Ankara and Bruges. Since then, her tourism and communication career has brought her from Ankara to Ghent, Brussels, Istanbul and Belgrade, with plenty of travels in between. Even with her continued travels, Tûba's nomadic heart will always call Turkey home. 

As Tûba began to study wine, she couldn't help but to feel Turkey tugging on her heartstrings. Wine showed Tûba the way back to her roots. The original cradle of wine, Turkey's vineyards had been asleep for many years, and have recently awoken to show the world what Turkey has to offer. Tûba couldn't help diving in, and she is currently studying for the WSET L3, as she plans to use wine education to share the joy of Turkish wines with wine lovers worldwide.

Tûba met Senay three years ago at a wine tasting in Brussels, having been introduced thanks to their shared passions for Turkish wines and supporting women leaders in wine. Since then, these two Turkish European dynamos have been making plans to create meaningful change for future women wine entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Tûba loves trying new wines, and especially enjoys hearing their stories. Her favorite white grapes are Narince and Assyrtiko, and in red wines, she adores the velvet softness of Malbec's tannins. And of course, the red wines from her home town, Urla Nexus, Tempus and LA Consensus are always indespensible in her cellar.

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Monique Willemse

After her education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Monique did a lot of design and restyling for various magazines. Now she has been working independently for years for a variety of clients in the arts and culture, sustainability and society. In addition, she also makes free work, not only digital or printed matter, but also with textiles or ceramics

"When Senay (whom I got to know by Mirjam) asked me if I wanted to design the logo for Women in Wine, I didn't doubt one second. A nice project because I like being able to contribute to increasing opportunities for women. The world of wine makers is very new to me and I find it very inspiring to hear the stories of female winemakers from Senay."

Any white wine is good for Monique, except for Chardonnay. She loves sitting outside the whole day, in the sun, in the nature, in the Netherlands or abroad. "I am very curious about the wines of the female winemakers and the story that goes with them. I feel like I know them already as I have been reading about them, work with their logos and their bottles and see them on pictures. Very excited to meet them in person on May 23rd in Rotterdam."

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